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Huddle Up!

Huddle Up! is a command heard regularly this time of year, shouted out by football quarterbacks and coaches across the U.S. Here are couple definitions of huddle from Merriam-Webster: 1) to come close together in a group or 2) to come together to talk about something privately. In the last couple of years I have found myself participating in various huddles and found them to be highly impactful on my life. And fortunately, they haven’t had to occur on the football field, where someone my age would definitely find himself in trouble.

One of my huddles is a group of five men who get together once a week for breakfast and share each other’s lives and spend a little time discussing the Bible or biblical principles. Some of the group members have been doing this for over ten years. We have enjoyed eating together, having laughs, sometimes at each other’s expense (that seems to be a guy thing) and helping each other through life’s trials by encouraging and challenging each other. We all go to the same church, which is what brought us together.

Another huddle is my C12 Group, which I’ve been building over the last two years. This group is a group of Christian business owners who come together once a month for a full day meeting to learn from the materials C12 provides and from each other. We also spend time discussing the Bible and biblical principles, how they apply to our businesses and our lives. We also spend time encouraging and challenging each other.

The third huddle I am participating in is another group of six men who meet via web conference twice a month and in person once a month. This group is focused on the topic of discipleship and developing ourselves in the roles of disciple makers. We use some tools to help guide our discussions to focus on meaningful events in our lives, trying to understand what God is saying to us through those events and how we should respond.

Differences between these huddles include the structure, format, size of group, time length and frequency. Similarities between these huddles include intentionality, transparency, honesty and commitment. The goals of participating in these huddles are to be a better person and to be a better Christ follower. These goals are accomplished through learning from the materials (especially the Bible), gaining wisdom from the advice and counsel of the members, and being encouraged and prayed for by those same guys.

I highly recommend you join or start a “huddle” to gain some of the same benefits I have experienced. A few suggestions on getting started; keep it small (3 to 6) and all the same gender so you can easily build trust needed for honesty and transparency, use the Bible as the center point of all discussions, begin with each member telling their life story, meet two to four times a month for 90 minutes or two hours, and have some diversity of life experience and maturity.

Even here in our prosperous and free USA life can be challenging. In fact, if you are actively following Christ, you should expect it. Get some support in those battles from faithful friends and mine the wisdom God has provided us through the Bible. If you want some help getting started feel free to contact me for ideas and resources.

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